If you’re a red-blooded Aussie off-roader, then it just doesn’t get much better than Fraser Island. It’s everything that we as 4WDers love – stunning scenery, challenging 4WDing, and the type of camping that makes you glad you’ve got a front diff. Join Graham, Shauno and Jamie on this issue of 4WD Action TV, as they search for what’s very likely Australia’s best beach campsite, and get in some seriously good 4WDing and fi shing along the way. How will they go towing the big boat up 75 Mile Beach? Will they survive or become another photo on the wall at Orchid Beach? You’ll have to watch to fi nd out, but one thing’s for sure – this is the way 4WDing is meant to be! Want the scoop on some tough custom 4WDs? This issue we catch up with the owners of three built beasts – a seriously tough GU Patrol with some of the neatest off-road mods that you’ll ever see, a 105 Series ’Cruiser that’s hiding something that whistles and whines under its bonnet, and an absolute cracker of a built-at-home DIY Rangie that’ll go just about anywhere. Three different trucks, three different uses, but all with some scorching ideas you’ll want to incorporate into your own build-up! Finally, we meet up with Roothy for another one of his legendary bush cooking recipes. This time, a new take on Bush Bangers and Mash that is bound to become a favourite around the campfire. All this and more in this issue of 4WD Action TV – the show that lives and breathes off-road adventure!

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