You’ve probably heard of Wauchope before – a couple of hours north of Sydney on the NSW mid-north coast, it’s a cracking adventure destination with some seriously tough, muddy and steep tracks. But just west of Wauchope is an amazing array of off-road tracks and campsites that are perfect for families and camper trailers. Join Roothy and the boys this issue as they attempt to head west from Wauchope, to the massive Aspley Falls, by taking nothing but off-road tracks! Some haven’t been driven in years, and the chainsaws are guaranteed to be put to good use clearing fallen trees and opening tracks again. Will the boys make it through successfully, or will they be forced to turn back? There’s only one way to find out! As always, this issue also features three tough as nails customised 4WDs that have been built to tackle any track in Australia. First up we meet with the owner of a 120 Prado that’s been built on an amazing budget, proving you can have all the modern fruit you want, even if you’re on a beer budget. Next is a High Country-touring 80 Series that owes the owner less than $7000, and finally we speak with a couple who have one of the toughest home-built dual-cab GU Patrols we’ve ever seen – and who aren’t afraid to use it! Plus, Roothy takes on one of your mum’s most famous dishes – apricot chicken – and puts a new bush spin on an old favourite. You’ll never look at apricot chicken the same way again. All this and more on 4WD Action TV – more adventure per hour than any other off-road show, or your money back!

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