If you’re into tough 4WDing, then there’s little doubt you’re dreaming of your own Cape York adventure. It’s the best parts of off-roading in Australia combined – amazing landscapes, tough 4WDing, and the kind of campsites you see in books. And while the Tele’ and Frenchmans tracks are on most Cape York adventurers wish-lists, there’s a huge amount to be explored if you get off the beaten track. Join Roothy, Gleno and the gang this month as they journey west from Musgrave out to the remote Pormpuraaw. The track they take hasn’t been driven in the past four years, which means one thing – serious fun! Will they make it, or will they end up bogged on the side of the track for days? There’s only one way to find out… Talking Cape, this issue we catch up with three owners of tough off-road weapons that have all been built to tackle Australia’s toughest tracks. You’re guaranteed to pick up ideas to incorporate into your own build-up, but warning: we take no responsibility if viewing this DVD leaves you with the irresistible desire to modify your 4WD! While we were bush with Roothy, we pointed him at his Engel and got him to whip up another camp cooking creation. This time it’s something that’s perfect for those cold nights around the campfire – Stockman’s Stew. Except this stew’s just that little bit different, as you’d expect. Chilli? Garlic? Curry powder? We won’t spoil the surprise! All this and more on 4WD Action TV – the show that knows too much chilli powder in your tucker is never enough!

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