This country of ours throws up some amazing terrains, and Western Australia has got to have the best mix of it all! Whether you’re punting up the seriously remote Canning Stock Route, getting bogged down on the beach at Esperance or lifting a wheel out the back of Perth, WA has it all. One bloke you don’t need to convince of that fact is Graham – a born and bred WA boy who has been exploring the western side of the country since he was a kid. Join Graham, MDC Steve and George as they trek along the Murchison River to discover the amazing region where it meets with the Indian Ocean. It’s seriously tough country out here, but the rewards are definitely worth it! This issue we’ve got four tough-as-nails custom 4WDs, all with a firm ‘budget built at home’ slant to them. First we catch up with the owners of two tough V6 Bundys, before checking in with a beaut XJ Cherokee touring truck. Finally, we speak to the owner of a cracking old Patrol ute who has built his 4WD to handle anything the bush can throw at it. If that whets your appetite for adventure, Roothy’s got the solution. This time around, he whips up a new take on beef and mushroom stew that is bound to be a camp favourite. Yep, we’re getting hungry just thinking about it! All this and more on 4WD Action DVD – the only show that delivers more of the Aussie bush straight into your living room!

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