If you reckon the Simmo is a boring bit of dirt road, think again! This issue, Roothy, Gleno, Feral Dave and George from Medicar head out to see the best bits of the Simmo and prove you can do it with a couple of camper trailers in tow. This is one serious adventure, with the mighty 2H Mustard truck making its DVD debut. With 50°C days to deal with, will the boys make it out the other end? Plus, for the first time meet Roothy’s family! That’s right, the Handbrake and their boys join this trip, making it one to remember. If tough 4WDs are what get you going, then we’ve got you covered! First up we speak with the owner of a sensational D40 Navara that we recently crowned ‘Best Custom Dual-Cab Ute We’ve Ever Seen’. This thing’s been built to cater to the ‘fly in, fly out’ lifestyle, and gets punted up more outback tracks than most! Next up, we check in with a 4WDer and his seriously tough 80 Series ’Cruiser built to handle everything from long-distance touring to full-blown hardcore off-roading. Finally, we step back in time and catch up with a bloke who has built the toughest two-stroke LJ Zook comp truck around! Roothy’s been busy this issue too. Not only did he conquer the Simmo in a 30-year-old truck towing a camper, but he’s whipped up another classic reader recipe – this time Roast Pork with Two Fruit Sauce. How good does that sound! All that and a bucketload more on this edition of 4WD Action DVD – the only off-road show that knows you don’t need the most expensive toys to see the best bits of Australia!

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