We’re blessed with an amazing variety of 4WDing in Australia, from the isolated deserts to the rocky High Country, the tropical Top End and everything in between. And while there’s typically a whole lot of distance to cover in between all the best off-road bits, there are definitely plenty of hot spots all over the country that pack a serious amount of action into a small area. On this edition of 4WD Action DVD, Shauno, Jamie and Matto from Modern Fishing head to one of NSW’s best-kept secrets – Forster – to check out what the region has to offer. We’re talking seriously tough tracks, amazing campsites and all within half an hour of town! It’s not hard to see why this place is so popular with the locals, so add this one to your bucket list to see before the crowds get here. If that’s not enough to get you keen for adventure, then you’ve gotta check out the three bush-ready custom 4WDs we’ve got for you. First up is a tough-as-nails Bundy with a big V8 swap and a full arsenal of custom barwork. Next, we speak to the owner of a sensational JK Wrangler that’s been built to drive any track in Australia, and finally we catch up with a cracker of a built-at-home Zook playtoy on 35s! And just because Roothy’s not on the travel segments this issue, it doesn’t mean we’ve given him the day off! Join him as he puts his own touches to a reader recipe that’s sure to become a favourite – Camp Chicken. All that and more, on 4WD Action DVD – your ticket to the best parts of Australia, direct to your lounge room!

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