Most 4WDers have heard of Morton Island, but few have seen Morton like this! Join Graham and Jamie as they meet up with the folks of the Motley Crew 4WD Club and tackle Morton like the locals do it. Sand dune surfing? Check. Quad bikes? Check! Breathtaking campsites that are guaranteed to give you itchy feet? You’d better believe that’s a check! This DVD proves one thing – you don’t have to go far from home to have a genuine 4WD adventure. Looking for tough 4WDs to get a bit of inspiration for your next mod? We’ve got you covered! First up is a cracker of a budget 60 Series that proves leaf springs are far from dead. Then we meet up with the owner of a very unique M715 ex-military Jeep that’s been given a serious off-road work-over, and finally we check out a Suzuki Jimny that might just be the very definition of ‘understated’. It might look almost standard, but the smart mods this owner has made mean that it’s ready to tackle just about any track it’s pointed at! Now, don’t think that we’ve let Roothy off the hook this issue, because we’ve got another of his corker reader recipes. This time it’s his take on chorizo sausages – which might just be the ultimate bit of tucker around camp when you’re knocking back a couple of coldies. All that and more in this edition of 4WD Action DVD – the only show that knows salads have no place at a campsite!

1X DVD FOR $4.95