From the Snowies to Geehi, join Graham, Jamie and Tim as they search for adventure in southern NSW! It’s definitely a change of pace from the low-range adrenaline-fuelled weekends, but the NSW Snowy Mountains holds the key to some of the most breathtaking campsites and 4WD tracks anywhere in the state, and that’s exactly what the boys set out to find. From river crossings to mud, steep climbs and sharp drop-offs, this is one place that you’ve just got to check out. When you see the campsite the boys find, you’ll be sold! And while we’re on the topic of Jamie, if you’ve ever wanted to see inside his truck in greater detail, this month is your chance! We take a closer look at the sensational 12V set-up that makes the Defender so good. Plus, there’s a tough-as-nails Navara, and a supercharged FJ Cruiser too! Deadset, if these trucks were any tougher, you’d need a HR licence to drive them. Don’t think we’ve let Roothy off the hook this issue, either! We’ve got him whipping up another bush cooking storm – this time an old favourite, rabbit stew. All this and more in the only DVD that knows too much 4WDing is never enough!

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