If you had the opportunity to 4WD your own way out to the Gulf of Carpentaria where no-one had been before, would you turn it down? Didn’t think so! This issue, Shaun, Graham and Jamie tackle the amazing Lorella Springs Station, right in the heart of Gulf Country. It’s a million-acre property that runs from the Savannah Way right up to the coast, and here’s the clincher – most of it has never been explored! The boys have their work cut out for them, pushing their way through thick scrub, fixing tyres every couple of hundred metres and battling the tough-as-nails terrain. This is without a doubt, one of the most epic adventures we’ve ever been on! Of course, adventure doesn’t have to mean travelling to the other side of the country. This issue, we also catch up with the owners of three pearler custom trucks – a TJ Wrangler that defines the term ‘tough tourer’, a 130 Defender ute on 33s that’s built for the bush and a beast of a coil-cab GU Patrol. Plus, with Roothy knocking up one seriously tasty tandoori chicken, it’s like a dead-set slice of adventure in your own living room!

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