This month, Roothy, Glen and Jamie hit the terrain off Coffs Harbour head on! Playing on the tracks in the only place where the Great Dividing Range meets the ocean, the boys have plenty to keep themselves occupied. The driving in Coffs is as tough as nails, with a whole range of challenges. Topping it all off is its dead-set sensational countryside that’ll have any 4WDer ready to pack their tent. Who’ll fall victim to the epic tracks, and who’ll survive? Most importantly, what’s Glenno’s big Patrol doing on its side? You’ll have to watch to find out! Also this issue, we catch up with the owners of three ripper 4WDs – a tough-as-nails touring 100 Series that made it onto the cover of the magazine, a dual-cab Courier that proves you don’t need a Nissan or Toyota to get to the best campsites, and a pearler of an 80 Series that’s been built to tackle every single track in Australia! You wouldn’t read about it, but Roothy’s made a cake this month – and no, it’s not full of curry powder! It’s no ordinary cake though, we’re talking some tucker with a very special heritage. We also catch up with Allan Gray for the latest in the rebuild of the FJ45V, and check in with the teams at Oztent and Inawise to see their latest products. Crikey, any more action on one DVD and you’ll need a snatch strap to get it out of its case!

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