This issue, Roothy, Glenno, Brenno and Dave head north for the muddy, rutted tracks of Levuka Rainforest Recreation Park. If you reckon this sounds like a walk in the park, think again! Lots of rain means lots of mud, and the boys are in their element here. Watch ’em slip and slide their way through some of the most challenging tracks they’ve ever encountered. While most people don’t head out in the wet, it doesn’t take a lot of moisture to suddenly turn a C-grade track into an A-grade track. Roothy takes the opportunity to share some of his best tips for driving in the wet so that you can be prepared! Tune in to see Milo almost on its side, the boys 4WDing up Creek Drive that turns into a mammoth recovery mission, and the most epic rainforest track you’ve ever seen. Also in this issue, we catch up with the owners of three beaut custom trucks, a GU ute with a trick camping canopy set-up, a TDV8 Troopy that’s deadset built to tour, and a tough-as-nails old Series Land Rover that’s as capable as any newer truck! Then, Roothy cooks up Stockton Stew, and we catch up with Allan Gray from Terrain Tamer for the next installment of the FJ40v Project. Plus, we also speak to the guys from Ateco and Xtrail for the latest updates on their ranges. 4WD Action DVD – any muddier and it’d bugger your DVD player!

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