Set on 10,000 spectacular acres, LandCruiser Mountain Park has 250km of tracks to sink your teeth into, and that’s just what Roothy, Glen, Jamie and Dave plan to do! With four extremely capable 4WDs, the boys are on the search for the hardest tracks the park has to offer. After lifting wheels and breaking windows on Camp Road, they decide to tackle Cruiser Canyon. This is extremely challenging, unforgiving terrain. There is no chicken track to take halfway through – once you’re in, consider yourself committed! Tune in to see wheel studs flying like bullets, falling cameramen, and diff-crunching boulders like you’ve never seen before. This is one serious playground! Also on this DVD, we’ve got three neat custom trucks – a dual cab HiLux ready for touring, a tough four-door Wrangler, and a nicely set up GU Patrol Ute. Roothy cooks up a storm and we check in with Terrain Tamer’s Allan Gray to see how the FJ45V build-up is going. Then we catch up with VMS, Hansa and Lightforce to get the latest on their products. 4WD Action DVD – the only way to see the best bits of Australia without leaving your lounge room!

1X DVD FOR $4.95