If you reckon you’ve seen it all up in Cape York, think again! In this issue of 4WD Action DVD, Roothy and the gang stray right off the beaten path to check out a seriously tough track that the locals reckon is a full-on challenge. How tough? The descriptions at the pub ranged from ‘impassable’ to ‘rough as guts’ and the clincher... ‘Hasn’t been driven in years’. Now that’s a red flag to a 4WD bull if we’ve ever heard one! Heading off-road without knowing whether you’ll actually make it to the other end of the track? That’s pure 4WD adventure! Also this month, we bring you a brand-new series, as Terrain Tamer’s Allan Gray teams up with his mechanic nephew in ‘Old Mechanic vs New Mechanic – The Story of an FJ45V build-up’. There were only a few of the FJ45Vs ever brought into the country back in 1961, and there are now only a handful left. How will Allan with his old-school ways and unconventional methods work in with a mechanic 50 years his junior to get this project off the ground – and within budget? Also on this DVD, we catch up with the guys from Waeco, Beadlock and Adrenalin for the latest updates on their gear, check in with the owners of three awesome custom trucks built to handle anything the Aussie bush can throw at them, and Roothy cooks up ‘Chris’s Camp Cutlets’. We’re drooling already. 4WD Action: any more entertainment packed onto one disc and you’d need a tyre lever to fi t it in your DVD player!

1X DVD FOR $4.95