That’s right, Roothy’s back up the Cape for the 2011 dry season, and what a cracker of a trip it’s turned out to be! Join him and the crew as they catch gold fever along the Old Coach Road from Maytown to Laura. This track in the Palmer River Region passes through the Palmer Goldfields Resource Reserve, and rivals any on the Cape York Peninsula. Roothy and the gang are in their element here, with steep rocky hill climbs, beautiful creek crossings and rugged scenery providing the perfect backdrop. We’re just lucky that the early pioneers carved such a top track through this region, and the best news is that it’s still here to experience today! Custom 4WD enthusiasts, we’ve got something for you this month – three of the best 4WDs to ever park in the 4WD Action shed! First up is Editor Shaun’s tough-as-nails 60 Series, then there’s Dave Luke’s big 100 Series bruiser, and finally Production Editor Steve’s neat-as-a-pin custom GQ. They’re three trucks, all built for one thing – to head off-road! But this DVD’s not just about the Cape and custom trucks – it’s your complete 4WD fi x! Terrain Tamer’s Allan Gray is back for another Ask Allan segment, this time helping reader James sort out some overheating issues with his 80 Series. If it’s the best product spotlights you’re after, then we catch up with the teams behind Hema Maps and Dynamica Rope to check out exactly what they’ve been up to. Plus, there’s an exclusive offer to help you hitch a GIC camper trailer to your towbar for an amazingly cheap price! 4WD Action DVD – it’s the closest you can get to the Cape, without crossing the Jardine!

1X DVD FOR $4.95