In this issue, we join Graham as he experiences the stunning Victorian High Country for the very fi rst time! Graham has pinched the crew’s GU for this trip and he has been given strict instructions from head honcho Glenno to bring it back nice and straight, or else! Joining Graham on this trip is High Country legend Tim Bates in his trusty Patrol, and Tim’s mates Craig and Travis are along for the ride in their Maverick. That’s right, not a Toyota in sight, what would Roothy think? No matter how many times 4WD Action have been to the High Country before, there’s always more to see. In this trip we’re going through the Alpine National Park. This is home to the infamous Dingo Hill Track and historic Lovick’s Hut. The convoy were even lucky enough to meet musterer Charlie Lovick himself. What hit Graham the hardest in the High Country was the enormity of the place. Join the convoy as they traverse the steepest tracks in the country, tackle crossing after river crossing, and even take part in a good old night drive! Graham takes us on a journey through his eyes, experiencing the High Country for the very first time. This trip is an example of why anybody with a sense of adventure and a love of the outdoors should get themselves to some of the most spectacular sights to be found anywhere. Also on this DVD, Roothy is cooking Thai lamb shanks, and Allan Gray is helping out a young HiLux owner. We look closely at the Hannibal rooftop tents, and Opposite Lock offers viewers a deal that is too hard to ignore! With three proud custom owners showcasing their trucks, there’s enough 4WDing to keep you entertained for hours.

1X DVD FOR $4.95