In this issue of 4WD Action, Roothy and Milo are back in the High Country, but this time we are in the Victorian end of the Snowy River region. Leading us on this trip is Paul in the tough-as-teeth Terrain Tamer FJ40. Paul was brought up in the area and promises us some of the best Victoria’s Alps has to offer! Steve from GIC is along for the ride with his HiLux and camper trailer, and this time he means business. Yep, the HiLux is now the proud owner of a couple of lockers and you can bet Steve is keen to put them through their paces! It’s a case of ‘careful what you wish for’, though, as the Snowy River and its surroundings are famous for big ruts, sticky mud, high altitude, and fog thick enough to make the going as tough as it gets! But that’s not all, Fred drops in to give us some great fuel-economy tips, Rick has been chasing down more power with the guys at Chip-It, and GIC has a box deal that is not to be missed! Real 4WDs, real 4WDers and real 4WDing – we’ve got it all in this issue of 4WD Action!

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