The Red Truck is back in town! With the sound of that 350 Chev letting everyone know Roothy has arrived, we’re ready to see Red put through her paces! This trip is set in the mystic mountains behind Port Macquarie. This is one area where National Parks are yet to take over, and the question on everyone’s lips is, what sort of 4WDing challenges are hidden behind this tourist facade? A lot, according to local Bruce and his mate Donny in a mean GQ Patrol. With the GQ leading the convoy, Roothy and his mates had better have their winching gloves handy! Did you think Glen’s 80 was unbreakable? So did we! Tune in to see the convoy scale the notorious Heartbreak Hill, chill out at one of the most beautiful campgrounds ever, and a shock bush mechanic on the mighty 80! Also on this DVD, Steve from GIC shows Roothy around their new camper trailer and TJM has a Super Deal to help you set up your 4WD. Allan Gray is helping Marco prep his 80 Series for a trip up to the Cape, we have overviews of an array of 4WD products, as well as customs to make the heart race. Whether it be the family or your mates you rally around the old box, make sure you have the chips and the cans ready – this is gonna be a good one!

1X DVD FOR $4.95