Some like it hot, and Graham likes it hotter in this adventure from Kalbarri to the most western point of Australia’s mainland, Steep Point. Graham and the boys take a ‘big’ tour of Murchison House Station and are thrilled to discover its diverse range of landscapes, while its owner Calum has a little surprise and challenge up his short sleeve. Onward to the coast, and Graham heads northbound along the Zuytdorp Cliffs to False Entrance, where things get drier than Gandhi’s flip-flops in a mini desert. A fi nal push to Steep Point is the perfect drive to prove Graham’s opinion that the west really is best! If that isn’t already enough, we also catch up with Fred for the latest fuel tips, and Mark French from Marks 4WD Adaptors gives us an overview of the design and manufacturing quality of their engine and transmission conversion kits. Graham jumps in with Terry from Jimboomba Camper Trailers to check out one of their camper trailer models, and we also get another campfire treat from Roothy.

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