In this issue of 4WD Action, we’re back in Tassie. Destination – the wild west. This is rough country with some of the toughest off-road conditions Australia has on offer. It’s all hands on deck and gumboots all around as we take to bogholes like pigs in mud! Will Milo be defeated by Tasmania’s tough terrain, or can Roothy get the old girl through in one piece? When the convoy hit the Balfour Track, they wished they had brought a submarine instead of 4WDs. They must rely on plenty of driving skill, momentum and lots of right foot! As with every great 4WD trip, it’s the unknown element and taking on Mother Nature at her toughest that makes a good trip great. This one is no different as the west coast of Tassie whips up a real treat for us. This is one wild adventure that you’d better get into your rain jacket and gumboots to watch! Also, Allan Gray talks suspension with a temperamental GQ and Rick’s caught the welding bug! We’ve got the very best in custom trucks, and Roothy’s attempting a reader’s camping recipe – that should be interesting! 4WD Action – ahoy! Land ahead!

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