The East Kimberleys is one of the few areas left in Australia that are relatively unchartered. With the 2010 wet season not yet over, Graham Cahill is on his second DVD assignment with 4WD Action. He joins local guides Ronnie and Kinky T to embark on what can only be described as an intrepid exploration. Locals were not afraid to voice their scepticism at what the boys were planning, and they’d be right in doing so. Starting off in Kununurra, the boys would need to traverse hundreds of kilometres of black soil, treacherous croc-infested rivers, and mud fl ats that turn to slush with the slightest rain to get even close to their destination of Oombulgurri. That in itself would probably be enough to keep you guys happy, but there’s even more viewing pleasure to be found! Roothy cooks up one of his favourite camp meals, plus we check in with The Ultimate Suspension in a new segment for the DVD where we go behind the scenes in their workshop. We haven’t forgotten the much loved customs, and we have a homemade camper trailer, a LandCruiser ute, and a mad GQ Patrol! 4WD Action – it’s as perilous as having a crack at the Kimberleys in the wet season, but with a little less trench foot.

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