In this issue of 4WD Action, we’re heading to Coffs Harbour to test just how far you can go with a 2in lift and 33s! Following Roothy in Big Red is Shaun, the Editor of 4WD Action. This is an opportunity for him to push his 60 to the limits. They meet up with local guide Corrindi Dave in his Patrol and together make up a pretty impressive convoy! Coffs Harbour is a mecca for 4WDing. With dozens of tracks all a half-hour from the main town, this region has everything to offer the hardcore 4WDer as well as scenic sights for the touring family. It doesn’t take long for action to arrive, and with rain thrown into the mix, this certainly does get interesting. We’ll be giving Roothy heaps for having to be recovered before the recovery (even he admitted he was a dill), and the look of fear was glimpsed a few times... This is not one to miss! Besides a travel segment to remember, we’re giving you quality customs to watch again and again! Scott takes us through his coastal HiLux and Serge shows us the serious side of Jeep Wrangling! Allan Gray is sharing his wisdom when it comes to fitting coil springs, and Scott Butler is back with another comparo that will leave you shaking – bullbar style! 4WD Action: it’s more fun than swinging a 40-gallon drum into a bullbar – no really, it is!

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