If you are busting for a truck-crunching good time, you can’t beat the Mansfield area of the Victoria High Country. This time, Roothy has teamed up with the boys from Piranha Off-road to tackle some of the most extreme tracks the region has to offer. Strap yourself in for the Barkly River Jeep Track, a double diff-lock truck tester with enough switchbacks and ruts to shiver the suspension on the toughest tourers. If that isn’t treacherous enough for you, then Roothy cooks up his vegetarian meat lover’s dish – just substitute the broccoli for some salami. Don’t worry, the classic mountain air will clear the arteries, but let’s just hope the guys make it to the top! It all adds up to a few busted trucks, burning winch cables, and a bloody good time. We also have some awesome custom trucks for you to test drive, including a cool GU Patrol set-up for coastal adventuring, a Holden Frontera camping cruiser, and two hardcore rock crawlers ready to take on the most extreme stuff. Steve from Coopers Tires gives us the lowdown on bush puncture repairs, and the boys from Flashlube showcase the latest in lead-replacement fuel additives. 4WDs, 4WDers, 4WDing – we’ve got you covered at 4WD Action.

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