In this edition of 4WD Action, Roothy decides to unleash the Red Truck on the infamous Mount Walker. The Blue Mountains locals reckon this is the place where your courage and 4WDing capability are put to the test. As a precaution, we had to ask local recovery guru Rod Gurney to come along. He’s the guy the coppers call when it’s time yet again to clean up the carnage left by the mountain. Also along for the ride is Rod’s mate Gary ‘Huggy’ Huggins, who knows a thing or two about winching, Ollie Leckband, a local historian who fills us in on the convicts that worked the area, and Manmeet, a local driver whose Jeep JK has a taste for adventure. A lot of guys need a lot of food, and with Roothy trialling a new Indian dish, will it go down? And stay down? Will Roothy and the Red Truck make it to the summit of Mount Walker? Will Mani’s factory-standard Jeep survive the ordeal? Will both end up at the wrong end of Rod’s winch cable? Press play for all the action! Also in this edition, we show you a quick and easy way to fi x those annoying chips and cracks in your windscreen. Roothy gets together with his old mate Alan from Terrain Tamer as they talk freewheeling hubs, and of course we have some fantastic custom trucks for your enjoyment. We go cruising with a beefed-up Land Rover Defender and don’t miss a cracking rock-crawling Willys Jeep! So, it might just be a night to cook up some butter chicken and relax around the box with the fam’ – hold on and enjoy the ride!

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