We know our readers are cluey when it comes to the nuts and bolts of 4WDing, but it’s always refreshing to get a new perspective on our lifestyle. So, this month Australian 4WD Action has grilled the experts on everything from driving techniques to recoveries; tricks that may come in handy on your next adventure. First up, we take to the track with nationally recognised driving instructor Mick McCulkin, as he gives us some pointers on vehicle set-up and terrain driving. Join Roothy as he recounts recent adventures from Cape York to Tassie and the tricks he used to get Milo through some tough scrapes. We then catch up with off-road champ Bruce Garland, who shares a few tips on tackling the sand and taking on the competition in the Aussie Outback. If hardcore trucks are your thing, then don’t miss our look into this fascinating sport as we rip off the helmets to get inside the minds of extreme-truck competitors. When it comes to customs, we’ve got a really neat 79 Series ’Cruiser from SA. It might look brand-new, but it’s done its fair share of touring. We go north to Yeppoon to hang out with a group of local nuts, then go mental in a seriously set up GQ! Steve Vickers gives us the rundown on avoiding costly tyre damage. 4WD Action – it’s as much fun as taking a comp truck through an amusement park, only a hell of a lot cheaper.

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