We finally made it back again! It wouldn’t be right if Milo didn’t make it up the Tele Track one more time, and did it ever have its work cut out for it. Again, though, in typical Roothy style, the Tele Track was all about having fun, 4WDing, and having the odd bottle of cider around an open fi re. Taking along Bamaga local Geoff and Weipa fishing guru Luke, it was one of the best trips we’ve done to date. The young blokes were very experienced, but funnily enough, Roothy again needed to test out Milo’s winch in order to rescue the occasional later-model ’Cruiser. This issue’s customs are great. We’ve got a top late-model Pajero and Kimberley Kamper, a tough TJ Wrangler, and a cool little Jimny loaded to the brim with goodies. Steve from Cooper Tires puts three different tyres to the test over the same terrain. Roothy shows you the right way and the wrong way of approaching the spare parts counter at Terrain Tamer. Australian 4WD Action – it’s as awesome as going for a jaunt up the Cape with Roothy, Milo and Jack the dog. Oh... Hang on, it is that!

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