This month on 4WD Action, Roothy gets a bad case of Murchison Madness when he visits Western Australia’s newest 4WD park. Joined by the boys from the Toyota LandCruiser Club of WA, Roothy goes in search of a legendary beer fridge punishing a well-worn 75 ’Cruiser ute. With around 300,000 acres of off-road insanity to search through and only a slightly dodgy Beer-O-Meter to guide him, will Roothy discover his ultimate prize? Will the FJ survive the ordeal? Tag along with the boys and see what happens! Again, we’ve got three awesome customs. Starting in with an old-school model, we check out Ray Fry’s supertrick G60 Patrol. It’s an oldie and definitely a goodie! There’s a soon-to-be comp truck V8-powered HiLux with some really tidy fabrication work, and a Jeep that’s been set up for touring. Steve from Cooper Tires gives us the goss on what to do when you hit the gravel, and with more info on diesel power upgrades, John Jamieson from Steinbauer is back to show you the benefits gained from fitting a good power-upgrade chip to your vehicle. 4WD Action DVD – if you subscribe to it, you’ll eventually have enough of them to cover 300,000 acres without hitting pause!

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