Just when people were starting to wonder if Milo was getting a bit old and worn out, Roothy was ready to prove them wrong. Having had the old green truck on a steady gym program comprising of ARB, Terrain Tamer and Diesel Care to name a few, the old girl was more than ready for anything he could throw her way. Well, at least that’s what he thought. Having met up with Cairns radiator specialist and all-round Cape York boffi n Terry, a few beers led to a discussion about the Starcke Track. With the odd bit of rough and tumble, Milo unfortunately got a stick jammed in the transfer selector, rendering the 4WD system useless. This didn’t prove to be much of a problem at first, but with some intense crocodile-infested creek crossings coming up, it was going to be a challenge. What happens is that... you pull the DVD out of the case and find out for yourself. It’s much more entertaining than this cover blurb! Ah, but before you go, this DVD isn’t all just about Cape York. Oh no, we’ve got three brilliant customs in the form of a Jeep Grand Cherokee that’ll do anything its master tells it to do, a super-neat GQ that gets to see its fair share of grime, and as a special bonus, a pair of 4WD-loving identical twins from Coffs Harbour with a heavily modified HiLux and Jimny combo. Alan Gray from Terrain Tamer is back to give you some tips on changing the oil in your truck. Steve Vickers from Cooper Tires shows you what to do when you’re driving on sand. And with some info on the latest diesel power upgrades, John Jamieson from Steinbauer shows you the benefits gained from fitting a good power-upgrade chip. If you’re hungry, you can write down Roothy’s special prawn recipe, but if you’re not, grab a drink, a comfy chair, and don’t let anyone near that remote. You’ve got some serious 4WD viewing to do!

1X DVD FOR $4.95