There’s no doubting the fact that Roothy loves taking Milo to Tasmania, and why wouldn’t he with all of that awesome terrain. One other thing he’s a sucker for is a bit of competition. So when a couple of likely young 4WD’ers in a 35in-tyred GQ threw down the gauntlet, he just couldn’t resist. Come along as Roothy goes head to head with young Lyndon, aka Trout, and his best mate Luke on some of the toughest tracks in the north-east of Tasmania. Will Roothy win, or will he have to try psyching the lads out with a Hot Tassie Stew? Will Milo make it out in one piece a DVD every month? Should you read the rest of this cover, or just start watching the DVD? Hang on a second, there’s more than just a brilliant trek on here. We’ve got a maxxed-out Prado and Camper, a once timid diesel Defender that’s been ripped apart and turned into a V8 ute, and last but not least, a super-tough 75 ute that now does its duties as a comp truck. For this issue’s tech, Terrain Tamer’s Alan Gray talks about replacing glow plugs and what to look out for, while Steve from Cooper Tires sheds some light on the finer points of tyre pressures! Australian 4WD Action – if it were a meal, it’d be a 1.5kg steak with a heap of mash, a couple of veggies and a massive dessert. Guaranteed to fill you up!

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